Our Story

About 2 B Continued

2 B Continued is a cause-based company with the aim of educating mother’s, around mental health. We are borne out of personal experience and the realisation that peer support and practical assistance are necessary to thrive as parents when facing your own mental health challenges.

2 B Continued aims to provide education, support and mentoring services. Our goal is to help those with mental health challenges parent well and educate all parents to improve the mental health of their children.  We believe this educational approach will help to create a society in which people are aware of and seek help for mental health challenges and thus reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.


Our company has grown out of an idea, formed a couple of years ago, to give back and reduce the stigma around mental health. Both of our founders, Nichole and Racquel, have faced different mental health challenges.

When their paths crossed, this was a cause they were able to bond over. As unusual as it may seem, the relationship between Racquel & Nichole started when Racquel married her wife and thus, became the bonus parent to Nichole’s son.

Both Nichole and Racquel are passionate about helping those facing mental health challenges, both their own and their children’s and bring personal and business experience to 2 B Continued.