Missing You Nan

Hey Nan,

I can’t believe that it’s the one year anniversary of your passing today and I’d like to say I’m fine, but I’m not. I miss you so much & wish you were still here with us, celebrating all the family milestones that have happened over the past year.

Trudi and I were talking today, about the day we got the call about dad, because it’s kind of been playing on a loop in my head for a while now. You had come to stay because dad was in the ICU, he was over in Bali and I didn’t want you at home alone, lost in your thoughts. I keep hearing in my head your cry when I told you he had gone. You held onto my hand so tightly, looking into my eyes, pleading with me to tell you it wasn’t true, that you hadn’t just lost your boy. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you otherwise Nan.

Then you took ill yourself only months later & we lost you too. I lost not only one of my best friends that day, I lost a soulmate in you. Whilst I’m sad Nan, because it’s been a whole year already & I’d rather you be here watching your great grand babies growing older, I’m happy that you’re no longer in pain, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. You certainly deserved so much better Nan in your last years here with us, especially given how kind, considerate, loving and generous you were to all that knew you.

I only hope that I can do you proud Nan, you’re one of the many reasons I decided to start our company, 2 B Continued. It didn’t matter where or what the situation was, a stranger could sit down next to you and by the time that they’d left you would have somehow managed to put them at ease. You made them so comfortable they would open up to you. We’re alike in that way I’ve been told, and I couldn’t be more proud or happy about that Nan.

You were most definitely one of a kind, that’s for sure. We miss you Nan and we would give anything to have you back here with us. Sadly, that can’t be the case. We will all be ok Nan. We’ll get there, even if it is a little slowly. You are a part of us, each and everyone whose life you touched. There were many, that’s for sure. I couldn’t be more proud than to be able to call you my Nanna and for the rest of my days I will do my best to make you proud, to help people help themselves to get better, to grow and move onwards and upwards.

I love you Nan,

Love Always,

Your Nichole Michelle xo

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