2 B Continued chooses to support just a few charities.

We have chosen three regions, two in which we operate, Australia and Canada, and Africa. 

A lot of research is done into each charity and how they spend their money. We look for those who support the values and mission of 2 B Continued. Each month we will be highlighting one charity. And each year we will be supporting those charities by holding our own fundraiser.

As we discover more organizations that could use our support we will add them.

The Organizations

Who we support

Lifeline Australia provide 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services. They do this via a phone service as well as online chat function.

They also provide training in a number of different area’s including mental health first aid. 


StrongMinds is a social enterprise founded in 2013 that provides life-changing mental health services to impoverished African women.  Since many African women cannot even begin to tackle issues like poverty and economic development until they overcome depression, StrongMinds provides treatment for women who suffer from this pervasive and debilitating mental illness.  By adapting a proven therapeutic model, StrongMinds is the only organization scaling a cost-effective solution to the depression epidemic in Africa.”

StrongMinds uses group talk therapy to reach as many women as possible. They are a hands on charity that has taken well researched models of assistance and therapy and given them a uniqueness that means they are most suitable for the women to whom they reach out.

The Canadian Mental Health Association is a national voulnteer organization dedicated to the promotion of mental health of all and to support the recovery and resiliance of people experiencing mental illness. This is achieved through public education, advocacy and partnering with other stakeholders to improve the environment and services for persons with mental illness.

To support them you can donate, volunteer or raise money. Find out more information here.

To support them you can donate, volunteer or raise money. 

The Black Dog Institute is a different type of charity to the other two we support in Australia. They are primarily involved with researching the early detection, prevention and treatment of common mental health disorders.

They are the only medical research institute in Australia who specialise in researching mental health disorders across the whole lifespan.

Check them out for more information on how you can assist them to continue this valuable work.

Jack.org is a first, (and only,) of a kind mental health organization. They are passionate about revolutionizing mental health by training and empowering young leaders. 


They address mental health of young adults and offer training, education and support.

Find out more- you can donate or raise funds, as well as sharing their message and raising awareness.

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

They are one of the largest mental health organisations in Australia. They have been operating for 20 years.


You can support Beyond Blue by donating, raising money or volunteering for them.