Dear Dad…..

Hi Dad,

Tomorrow is Father’s Day again and, although last year was the first one without you, this year I’m feeling it more because Nanna is now with you too. So much has happened in the last year. 

The saddest is that  Nanna is with you now, she gave up really when she lost you Dad. You passed away so suddenly, none of us really had a chance to wrap our head around things.

I’ve struggled to keep things together Dad, having hibernated the year away mourning both you and Nanna, sometimes wishing I was with you both as well. I’d never do that, my boy needs me here, but I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t cross my mind at times.

Your three grandsons miss you too Dad, you’d be so proud of them.

Mitchell has changed schools this year, but we tried to make the transition as smooth as possible. He is still very much a sweet young man and it seems that he’s gotten my sassy sarcastic side as well, which always makes for fun. He always had a lot of character, so we weren’t surprised when he told us this year that he wanted to start doing acting lessons. Stay tuned about that…lol.


Paddy is 12 now and is still one of the most sensitive and sweetest kids I’ve ever known. He always backs up to us, to measure how much longer until he is the same height as us, or in Mum’s case, how much taller he is already. I remember him doing that to Nanna and she always used to chuckle .

Lukey is doing well too Dad, he’s going ahead in leaps & bounds with his gymnastics, literally. He went to Nationals this year. I stand and watch him in amazement when he’s on the trampoline, flipping from here to there. I wish I was half as graceful as he already is.

Remember Stevie, my foster son. He turned 15 last month Dad, which is just crazy. It’s been 11 years already since we first starting caring for Stevie, where has the time gone? He’s nearly 6”1 now and eats me out of house & home while he stays. He’s an old soul too Dad, and has grown up so much and is such a talented musician, you should hear him play guitar.

I’m sure you’re watching over us with a smile on your face Dad as you watch your grand babies grow, I just wish you were here with us as well to enjoy them.

I took Mitch to Bali for your one-year anniversary Dad. He hated the shopping aspect,but  he loved staying at The Baleka. It was great to stay where you and your friends often stayed. Each morning we’d head up to Coffee Corner, your favourite breakfast spot and we’d have breakfast with the girls there, sitting at your table as often as we could. Then he’d be itching to get back to the hotel for a swim before heading out for an afternoon adventure. We caught up with your friends, went to Bali Zoo, which he loved, especially the water splash park. He is part dolphin I’m starting to think. I’m sure you were cursing me too Dad when we zoomed around  on a scooter, but seriously Dad, the cars are the crazy drivers. I was saving money by using the scooter…lol.


Happy Father’s Day Dad.

I miss you every day and think of you often still. It won’t be long now and then it will be your birthday and then Nanna’s the following day.


I hope to get through the couple of days ok, but yeah, I’m me and a big sook as you know.

Chat again soon,

Your Girl, xox

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