A Day in the Life of Nickers,  A Week in the Life of Nickers

A Week in the Life of Nickers – January 9th to 13th

Every week I will do a quick recap of my week. Like on online journal. The idea behind it is to show that we all struggle sometimes but that we should all have hope. Join me as I deal with social anxiety, PTSD and depression while being a mother.

What a week it’s been…time sure is flying with it being mid-January already…we spent the week going
to the movies, go karting, playing board games, computer games, playing with the kittens and having
play dates so needless to say I’m exhausted.

My son has just asked me, barely 50 minutes since he ate lunch, if he can have afternoon
tea…lol…bloody kids and their school holiday boredom…if they’re not busy playing, they’re asking for
food…lol…or is that just my boy?

He’ll be going back to spend the week with his other mum so I think before he goes I might challenge him to a game of Connect 4… he’s surprisingly really good at developing a strategy. He must have learnt that from his other mum…lol.

Emotionally I’ve had an up & down week with an old friend popping back up in my life and I’m finding
my smile again, seeing a bright and happier future but will see and take it one day at a time.

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