A Day in the Life of Nickers,  A Week in the Life of Nickers

A Week in the Life of Nickers – January 28th to February 3rd

What a crazy week…naturally the triplets (my kitten kids)  have kept us busy and of course entertained…lol

It was back to school this week and boy was our little man excited and sooo looking forward to returning…not! Naturally he was looking forward to seeing his friends, but what he wasn’t looking forward to was his class changing. His best friend was going up a stage while he stayed behind so it was an anxious start to the year. After years of trying to encourage him to try martial arts, he finally agreed to give it a try, so that’s where we’ll be this Tuesday night.

We saw off Mitchell’s other Mum & wife (Racquel, my business partner) this week on their honeymoon. They married a year ago but only now went on their honeymoon. They have gone to New York for three weeks.

Other than that I’ve been running around here & there. Sitting here at the end of the week I am wondering what the heck I got up to this week…brain fog…lol

I caught up with an old friend and nothing had changed at all. It was like we only talked yesterday. It’s funny how time sometimes changes nothing.  Something you could only dream about happens and  heart is left so full that you think it will explode, in a good way that is. 

I’ve spent the weekend looking after my cousins kids. My cousin is like a sister so I often refer to her as my sister. She has a boy and a girl who are 3 and 5. It is very different to my 9 year old and my 15 year old foster son.

It’s been challenging because the 3 year old is really testing his boundaries and back chatting. It is one of my pet hates but on a positive note, we had a successful couple of days toilet training with him. Fingers crossed he’s being good for Daddy and doing the same for him now they have gone home.

As I write this, I’m sitting here
watching the triplets roll around the floor together. Each has taken up a position on the
dog…Harry is attached to one of her legs while Indie is fascinated by her tail and Harrison is sniffing
her paw. Poor old Meescha is 13 years old with 12 week old triplets climbing on her. Thankfully she’s a good sport.

Anyway, best leave off there, Mitchell wants to have huggles, like we do each night and watch our latest show with it being The Middle right now…chat soon…

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