A Day in the Life of Nickers,  A Week in the Life of Nickers

A Week in the Life of Nicker – January 1st to 8th

Every week I will do a quick recap of my week. Like on online journal. The idea behind it is to show that we all struggle sometimes but that we should all have hope. Join me as I deal with social anxiety, PTSD and depression while being a mother.

What a whirlwind of a Christmas and New Year that was. Just like that we blinked and its 2019 already.

It was a great Christmas spent eating way too much as per usual, along with catching up with family and friends who are practically family as well.


My son and I were missing Harry the kitten so much. One day when we went to grab some bird feed for my mum’s bird, there were a couple of ginger boy kittens. They were just waiting for us. Really they were. Anyone that knows me, knew they’d be coming home with me.Now we had another two boys so they were named Harrison & Indie (yes my mum is a lover of Harrison Ford and his movies…LOL.

But then we suddenly had Harry the first kitten back. Long story (and rather sad and not mine to tell). We are  now  hostages to three little ginger kittens who think that anything of ours is
theirs…just the way it is, same as it is with kids…lucky they’re so cute…

Thankfully a few movies came out over the holidays such as Bumblebee, Wreck it Ralph, Aquaman and last but not least, Mary Poppins. Just tonight we’re having a family movie night, which means I’m confiscating the 15yo’s
Ipad because he is sneakily still chatting to friends, despite me asking him to stop for a couple of hours. I also had to pause the movie to remind the 9yo that dobbing on his 15yo foster brother doesn’t impress me either. Anyway, my point being that we are watching the old 1964 version of Mary Poppins which my 9yo hasn’t seen before.

For me it’s bringing back many a fond memories of watching it with my Nanna. We watched so many times when my brother and I stayed at my grandparents as kids. At the moment it’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and so far the 9yo is still enjoying it as I sing along whilst dancing in my chair…the 15yo is sneaking me grimacing looks obviously because he is intimidated by my dance chair movies. LOL. I wish Nanna was still with us. If she was she’d be sitting right beside me singing along and bopping her feet to the music. It was just her style. I’d take her to see the new Mary Poppins that came out too and we’d share a popcorn because the 15 & 9yo’s don’t like to share…LOL.

Anyway, I best get back to the movie so I can embarrass the
kids some more…

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