A Simple Life By Design™

Simple Living by Design™ is a mantra I live by. Simple living is an effective way to develop good mental health.  I like the simple life and I love the life I design.

Simple living is one of the 5 cornerstones of my plan for good mental health. (The other 4 are Therapy, Mindfulness, Routines & Organisation – keep an eye out for future articles covering these).

As always, I need to say that this is my choice. Your choice might well be incredibly different. That is the point of “By Design”. Life must be designed by you, for you. I am not a radical minimalist, nor do I practice radical simplicity. Any author of books on simplicity or minimalism, or any other method for your life, are telling you what worked for them. I believe in choosing the bits that work for you. This is what we have done.

In my life I have a lot of daily challenges and have a lot on my plate. I am a student, employee, mother and wife.

My wife has a few autoimmune disorders. Ones that are considered both life shortening and that affect her daily. I have faced mental health challenges. These things inspire so much of what we do together and as individuals and the choices we make. It sets the tone for our choices. A simple life is good for my mental health. It is good for everyone’s mental health.

Simplicity reduces stress by reducing decisions. It reduces stress by aligning with the core values I have in my life and allowing me to focus on one or two important things in life. It gives me clarity and focus and helps me to keep on track when the Black Dog comes barking. It gives me the centre & focus I need to tame my mind. Simplicity also allows me to clear the mental clutter that often stops me from achieving what I want to achieve.

What does Simplicity Look Like for Me?

*Owning less. I don’t buy unnecessary things. We don’t shop for fun. Now, full disclaimer, I am not a person who shops as a leisure activity. It is not me. So, not going shopping isn’t hard for me. I try to only buy things that add value to my life. Now, it doesn’t mean just buying what you need. I love books. I don’t have a minimalist approach to books. They add value to my life by bringing me joy. Not happiness. Joy. I get a lot of use out of my books. I read them more than once and I read for pleasure and to be a better and more educated global citizen.

*Our home is organised and clutter free. For me the organisation is important in maintaining stability and having a clutter free home and not owning a lot of stuff allows me to have the organisation I need.

* My time is organised. I know what is coming up in a general sense and I find the time to look after me and my mental health.

The Benefits of a Simple Life by Design ™

*By having less stuff and being organised we can spend more quality time together, and we enjoy that time more because we are not worrying about what we must clean at home.

*Being organised and having routines for my home and my life allows to have a clutter free mind and not feel overwhelmed

*By having less stuff, we are not constantly worrying about our financial resources because we don’t need as much money to pay for the stuff we don’t want.

There are many other benefits for your life and your mental health in living a life of simplicity. The key is to design it for yourself and find what works for you.

Good mental health to you all.

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